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Full Frontal T.O. - Exploring Toronto's Architectural Vernacular

Photo: Full Frontal T.O. - Exploring Toronto's Architectural Vernacular


Ontario Heritage Trust

Buildings and architecture, Tools for conservation

Published Date: May 10, 2013

What's on the shelf

Full Frontal T.O. – Exploring Toronto’s Architectural Vernacular, by Shawn Micallef with photographs by Patrick Cummins. Coach House Books, 2012. For over 30 years, Patrick Cummins has been wandering the streets of Toronto, taking photographs of its houses, variety stores, garages and ever-changing storefronts. Straightforward shots chronicle the same buildings over the years, or travel the length of a block, façade by façade. Unlike other architecture books, Full Frontal T.O. looks at buildings that typically go unexamined, creating a street-level visual history of Toronto. Full Frontal T.O. features over 400 gorgeous photos of Toronto, with accompanying text by master urban explorer Shawn Micallef.

What's on the web

Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals– Visit this website to find Ontario consultants with extensive experience developing heritage conservation district plans.

Canada’s Historic Places – The Standards and Guidelines for Conservation of Historic Places in Canada – These guidelines, updated in 2010, have become the Canadian benchmark for heritage conservation practice.

Ontario Heritage Act– The Ontario Heritage Act provides the scope of study for a heritage conservation district. The act also states what is required for the contents of an HCD plan.

Ontario Heritage Toolkit– The Ontario Heritage Toolkit is a series of written booklets that help municipal councils, municipal staff, Municipal Heritage Committees, land-use planners, heritage professionals, heritage organizations, property owners and others understand the heritage conservation process in Ontario. They explain the Ontario Heritage Act, the Planning Act and related programs – including district designation.

Ontario Heritage Trust – Consult the list HCDs in Ontario.

Strengthening Ontario’s Heritage: An introductory guide to identifying, protecting and promoting the heritage of our communities – This guide is designed for anyone who is interested in ensuring that the heritage of his/her community is well conserved. It discusses cultural heritage resources, what they are, and how to manage them wisely. It focuses on three key steps in heritage conservation: identification, protection and promotion or celebration.

University of Waterloo Heritage Resource Centre – Heritage Conservation District Study – With funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, branches of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) and historical societies partnered with the Heritage Resources Centre (HRC) at the University of Waterloo to undertake a provincewide research program to determine whether HCDs in Ontario have been successful heritage planning initiatives over a period of time.